Specialist Commercial Pupillage

23ES Commercial is offering one 12 month pupillage based in Manchester commencing Autumn 2018. This pupil will be funded with the pupil receiving funding of at least £35,000 gross during the course of pupillage, comprising £15,000 payable monthly in advance over six months, plus a guaranteed minimum second six months’ earnings of £20,000.


  1. Please apply by email to
  2. The email should be headed: “SURNAME First Name – CRIME/COMMERCIAL Pupillage Application”, deleting whichever class of pupillage does not apply.
  3. Your application email should have 3 attachments:
    i) Letter (File Name: “SURNAME First Name – Letter”) in PDF format
    ii) Application Form (File Name: “SURNAME First Name – Application Form”
    iii) Equal Opportunity Form (File Name: “SURNAME Name – Equal Opportunity Form”)
  4. The letter is your opportunity to explain why, in your view, we should offer you an interview. The body of the letter should not exceed 400 words and should be submitted as a PDF.
  5. The Application Form should be downloaded from this website. Please do not exceed the 2 pages allowed.
  6. The Equal Opportunities Form should be downloaded from the website. This is required to be completed by our regulators.  It will be kept separate and will not feature in any decision to interview or recruit.
  7. Please submit your application by 13.00 on 24th February 2017. Applications submitted after this time may not be accepted.

The application form can be downloaded here.

The Equal Opportunity form can be downloaded here.

Further information about pupillage at 23 Essex Street can be found in our terms and Conditions of Pupillage which can be found here.

First interviews will take place in March 2017 and Second interviews in April 2017. We aim to make offers of pupillage to the selected candidates by 14/4/17.

Pupillage Applicant Drinks

The Pupillage Team will be holding a drinks party at our London office on Thursday 9th February 2017 from 6pm until 8pm.

Please come along to meet members of chambers who practice in crime, commercial and regulatory law and find out more about pupillage at 23 Essex Street.

To secure a place at this free event please email

If you have any questions about the application process for any type of pupillage offered at 23 Essex Street, please contact Chambers’ Director of Business Administration and Development, Lynn Griffin by email to


23 Essex Street continues to welcome applications from practitioners of outstanding ability with a proven track record in Chambers’ practice areas. Applications should be addressed to John Price QC and Cairns Nelson QC (Heads of Chambers).

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Potential applicants to London or Manchester are welcome to telephone for an informal confidential preliminary discussion.


Applications for mini-pupillage should be made in writing to Asa Tolson at

Equality and diversity and fair selection

Chambers is committed to equal opportunities and acts in accordance with the Bar Council’s Code of Conduct and the Equality Code for the Bar.  We do not discriminate, or permit discrimination, by reference to sex, race, ethnic origin, national origin, nationality or citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, religion, political persuasion, disability or age.