About Us

23ES Commercial offers modern barristers, who recognise that their role is to provide a service, often as part of a team. We aim to work together with our professional clients by amongst other things adopting a commercial approach to fees, so as to build long term, successful working relationships. The endorsements at the bottom of the page demonstrate that we invariably achieve our aim.

Our clerking is second to none and you are always welcome to discuss your requirements and our barristers directly and openly with Colin, the senior chancery/commercial clerk, or indeed any other member of the clerking team at 23 Essex Street. Our clerks will ensure that you have a barrister who suits you and who fulfils your expectations. If you have particular requirements, such as a restricted turnaround time, please make these known when booking your barrister.

23es23ES commercial is part of 23 Essex Street, a top ranked criminal and regulatory set of chambers with offices in London and Manchester please click on the icon to be transferred to our main website for further information

What some of our clients say:

The level of skill and breadth of knowledge across the board is very high, making them a one stop shop for all your commercial needs. The clerking is second to none; efficient, personal and flexible.

Lisa Shacklock - Partner
Turner Parkinson LLP

The barristers I instruct are proactive; accessible and tactically astute. Most of all, litigation is about achieving good results for clients and they have a proven track record of delivering these. The clerking provided by Colin Perrin is excellent.

Danny Fitzgerald - Partner
Kuit Steinart Levy LLP

Our commercial litigation department at Linder Myers have had a long term positive experience of working with the chancery team of barristers as well as a very successful relationship working with Colin Perrin as their clerk. The barristers we use are all extremely approachable as well as talented and are keen to work with us as a team to find a commercially acceptable solution for our clients.

Peter Kaye - Partner
Linder Myers LLP

I have always been extremely impressed by the level of advocacy skills demonstrated by the team. They are consistently excellent in court, and can when required be formidable adversaries. They are very good at distilling complex legal arguments into accessible and well-judged submissions, and are tactically astute litigators.

Daniel Draper - Partner
Farleys Solicitors

The barristers whom I instruct are switched on, clever, pro-active and responsive. They appreciate that litigation has to produce tangible results for clients and they work hard with me to achieve that. I would not hesitate to recommend using them. A special mention for the clerk, Colin Perrin too - he works hard and delivers a great service.

Jeremy Steele - Partner